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Organisation References
 Full Name VITROCISET S.p.A.
 Country Italy
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Headquarters
Via Salaria, 1027
00138 - Rome

SPACE unit
Via Tiburtina, 1020
00156 Rome ITALY

 Web Site
 Organisation Description Vitrociset is one of Italy's leading service companies and one of the most important in Europe providing services in the field of complex advanced technology systems in the following areas:
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Defence - Meteorology
  • Space
  • Territory and Environment.

    Relevant disciplines of interest covered by VITROCISET include:

  • Data/service policy
  • Environment
  • General Earth observation
  • Information & communication technology
  • Natural hazards & disasters
  • Transport & navigation
  • Weather & climate
  •  Number of Projects 1
     Projects ITALSCAR : Regional Burned Forest Mapping in Italy
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