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MICROSOFT Netherlands

MICROSOFT Netherlands

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 Name MICROSOFT Netherlands
 Full Name MICROSOFT Netherlands
 Country Netherlands
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Visiting Address:
Costerweg 1k
6702 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands

Postal Address:
PO Box 117
6700 AC Wageningen
The Netherlands

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 Organisation Description Formerly Synoptics, then Vexcel Netherlands, Microsoft Netherlands specializes in providing satellite-based geo-data and GIS tools for monitoring agricultural, water, nature and environmental processes.
Its off-the-shelf products include digital crop maps and digital elevation maps that allow for rapid production and distribution.

Through applied knowledge in remote sensing and GIS expertise, MS Netherlands continues to develop and produce custom management and planning geospatial solutions for customers.

The Microsoft Netherlands product range includes standard geo-information such as annual digital crop maps (PiriReis, Landnutzungskarte, Digital Elevation Maps as well as specific maps).
In addition, MS Netherlands develops custom-made product such as monitoring systems. In a monitoring system various types of data (such as biological, geological, topographic or administrative data) are combined in a GIS-environment where up-to-date information is regularly added and analyzed.

 Number of Projects 11
 Projects FLOMON : Flood Monitoring Service Demonstration in BANGLADESH
CEREALS : Dedicated Remote Sensing Product generation for the Agro-Industry
MARKETBASAR : Market access in Bangladesh for sustainable data services for rice ...
Innovators TIGER - Lake Victoria : TIGER Innovators - Lake Victoria
TISAR : DEM/ORI Production and Service for the ERS SAR and ENVISAT ASAR sys...
BEGo : Gorilla Natural Habitat Monitoring Service
Innovators I - Expeditions : Innovators I User Partnership - Expeditions
DUDES : Digital Elevation Models based on ERS SAR and STRM
GlobWetland : Development and demonstration of a standardised information service...
GlobCover : Global Land Cover Service
GlobVolcano : Satellite monitoring in support to early warning of volcanic risks
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