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Brockmann Consult Gmbh

Brockmann Consult Gmbh, Germany

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 Name Brockmann Consult Gmbh
 Full Name Brockmann Consult Gmbh, Germany
 Country Germany
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Brockmann-Consult
Max-Planck-Strasse 1
D-21502 Geesthacht
 Web Site
 Organisation Description

Brockmann Consult is a leader in innovative developments for geodata processing, custom software development, scientific consulting, and environmental informatics.

Our creative team represents a wide range of scientific knowledge, research experience, and state-of-the-art software development. We have a proven record of designing and executing projects independently and on schedule, as well as operating as an effective member of larger project teams.

 Number of Projects 8
 Projects CoastColour : Improving the uptake of MERIS for coastal water monitoring
Innovators II - Ballast Water : Ballast Water Risk Index
GlobToolbox : Development of a BEAM plug-in for the visualization and viewing of...
Diversity II : Inland waters and drylands EO products for the Convention on Biolog...
GlobVapour : Global EO retrievals of water vapour using European sensors
GlobCover : Global Land Cover Service
GlobColour : Global Ocean Colour for Carbon Cycle Research
GlobAlbedo : Global Land Surface Albedo from Satellite Data
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