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German Aerospace Centre - Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF)

Organisation References
 Name DLR - IMF
 Full Name German Aerospace Centre - Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF)
 Country Germany
 Type of organisation Research Organisation
 Address DLR Oberpfaffenhofen
P.O. Box 1116
D-82230 We├čling
 Web Site
 Organisation Description The Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF) is located at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, Neustrelitz and Berlin-Adlershof.
IMF carries out research and development of remote sensing technologies with an emphasis on methodologies, techniques and processing systems for retrieval of information from remote sensing data and archives. The processors it develops function operationally to the largest extent possible so they can be integrated in DFD (German Remote Sensing Data Center) processing chains. In addition, IMF contributes to the design of new sensor systems and pursues technology transfer.
IMF focuses on the following topics:
Sensor concepts, interpretation methodologies and processing systems for atmospheric spectrometers, Signal processing algorithms for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, particularly for radar interferometry, Photogrammetry and image analysis, Automated scene understanding, content-based query methods and information mining in large, heterogenous remote sensing data inventories, Retrieval of biological and ecological variables for coastal and inland waters from imaging spectrometers (ocean color), Extraction of hydrophysical ocean parameters from SAR data and their assimilation in wave models, Models and methods for security-related applications, Operation, calibration and scientific support for airborne imaging spectrometer applications.
IMF provides training and internships for diploma and doctoral candidates and offers employment in specific projects.
 Number of Projects 2
 Projects GlobVapour : Global EO retrievals of water vapour using European sensors
GlobColour : Global Ocean Colour for Carbon Cycle Research
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