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 Full Name ARGOSS B.V.
 Country Netherlands
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Voorsterweg 28
P.O. Box 61
8325 ZH Vollenhove
The Netherlands
 Web Site
 Organisation Description ARGOSS is a privately owned company developing and providing innovative solutions on environmental issues to the offshore, coastal and harbour sector. Close links with research institutes, universities and being backed up by the maritime industry ensures that the latest techniques and services are available for their clients.

Staff include highly qualified physicists, mathematicians, information technology engineers and coastal engineers, having many years of experience in the coastal and oceanographic sector.

ARGOSS is at the leading edge of coastal mapping and marine information services for planning and design of activities and of infrastructures in ports, coastal and offshore areas. With many years of experience in projects and in-house developed global databases of observations and models of wind, waves, sea level and currents ARGOSS is well placed to respond to needs of clients worldwide.

ARGOSS is specialised in processing radar, optical and acoustics measurements, numerical modelling, assimilation of measurements in models and the development of marine environmental information services and decision support systems.

Amongst others, the services of ARGOSS include:

  • Web based Marine Information, Decision Support Systems (DSS) and related Consultancy based on (radar satellite) observations for planning and design of operations & structures worldwide:

    • For the insurance sector and shipping industry to support voyage planning and design (;
    • For the offshore and coastal engineering sector to assess downtime, workability conditions, weather windows and design of structures (;
    • For depth reduction and planning of operations critical for currents and sea level (

  • Mapping and monitoring: coastal maps of bathymetry, sediments, chlorophyll, topography, coastline of scales between 1:200000 to 1:5000 based on (satellite or airborne SAR and (imaging) spectrometer) observations.

  • Consultancy, Product Development and Research:

    • metocean desk studies and marine environmental forensic investigations;
    • validation and calibration of new SAR instruments for measuring wind speed, wind direction and waves;
    • specifications of new instruments to measure geophysical parameters in coastal areas and offshore;
    • development of new generation Current Information Systems for the operational guidance of shipping traffic in harbours and near by terminals (LNG);
    • development of new algorithms and monitoring strategies for measuring geophysical and morphological parameters efficiently and cost effectively.

ARGOSS was founded in 1995 and is located in the Geomatics Business Park in Marknesse, the Netherlands.

 Number of Projects 4
 Projects MOCCASSIN : Monitoring changes to Bathymetry and Sediment Transport Regimes cau...
TIDAL : Prototype of a Tidal Information Service based on altimeter measure...
BABEL : Bathymetry Assessment Demonstration off the Belgian Coast
POWERS : Pre-Operational Water and Environmental Regional Service
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