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GeoVille Information Systems GmbH, Austria

Organisation References
 Name GeoVille
 Full Name GeoVille Information Systems GmbH, Austria
 Country Austria
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Museumstr. 9-11 A - 6020 Innsbruck Austria
 Web Site
 Organisation Description

GeoVille Information Systems is an internationally operating consulting company based in Innsbruck, Austria. GeoVille GmbH provides consultancy, services and products in the geo-spatial domain. Geoville specializes in remote sensing and GIS applications.

 Number of Projects 5
 Projects Innovators I - CARTO-CHANGE : Innovators I User Partnership - CARTO-CHANGE
Diversity : EO services supporting the implementation of the UN Convention on B...
Deepwater Horizon Disaster : Satellite based Habitat Impact Assessment of the Deepwater Horizon ...
CadasterENV Austria : Multi-scale and multi-purpose Land Cover monitoring system in Austr...
Diversity II : Inland waters and drylands EO products for the Convention on Biolog...
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