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J.D. Mollard & Associates Limited

Organisation References
 Name JDMollard
 Full Name J.D. Mollard & Associates Limited
 Country Canada
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Regina 810
2002 Victoria Avenue S4P 0R7
 Web Site
 Organisation Description Founded in 1956, J. D. Mollard and Associates Limited is a small firm of consulting engineers and geoscientists that has carried out over 5,000 assignments for industry, government and academia.
Their work has spanned seven continents and beyond, including studies of surface features on Mars. The team of five professionals has over 130 years combined experience in civil engineering, geology, hydrogeology, geography, biology, remote sensing and terrain analysis ... and each is known nationally and internationally in their respective multidisciplinary fields of specialization.

Services offered include Applied airphoto and satellite remote sensing and field studies for civil engineering projects; route and site selection and characterization; construction planning; petroleum, mining and gravel exploration; natural resource mapping and development; and environmental monitoring

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects Innovators I - Permafrost : Innovators I User Partnership: Satellite Monitoring for Permafrost ...
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