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GEO-K s.r.l.

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 Name GEO-K s.r.l.
 Country Italy
 Type of organisation Company
 Address GEO-K s.r.l.
Via del Politecnico 1,
00133 Rome,
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 Organisation Description

Born in April 2006, GEO-K is the first spin-off company of Tor Vergata University, Rome. The mission of GEO-K is to conduct R&D activities and to provide consulting, services and products in the field of image processing and of microwave, optical and hyperspectral remote sensing.

GEO-K is the commercial vehicle through which the user-oriented applications based on the scientific know-how developed both by the University Earth Observation Laboratory and in the framework of the Geoinformation PhD Program, are marketed and delivered to public and private customers.

The key-personnel of GEO-K is highly qualified and with long experience in international activities, in particular gained through participation in projects coordinated by the European Space Agency and by the European Commission. Also taking advantage of its incubation at the ESA-ESRIN center, GEO-K developed a new technology based on neural networks for the processing of satellite data. This technology is already currently exploited in SSE, where atmospheric ozone concentration maps obtained from satellite data are delivered on demand. This service is managed in collaboration with Planetek Hellas (SSE Ozone Service).

Moreover GEO-K provides R&D and consulting activities for national and international industries and organizations in the field of land cover maps from satellite data. The organization of the company system in conformance with the ISO normative has led GEO-K to pass the check by SGS on November 13th 2007, and to receive the certification ISO 9001:2000 for "Design and development of satellite data processing components for geoinformation production".

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects Innovators II - APOLLO : Innovators II - monitoring Atmospheric POLLution with earth Observa...
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