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Critical Software

Critical Software S.A

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 Name Critical Software
 Full Name Critical Software S.A
 Country Portugal
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Critical Software S.A. Parque Industrial de Taveiro, Lote 48 3045-504 Coimbra, Portugal
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 Organisation Description In today’s business landscape, the failure of critical IT systems can irreparably damage corporate profitability reputation. In more extreme cases, software reliability can be a matter of life and death. At Critical Software (CSW) they create and deploy software solutions that guarantee support for key operational functions. CSW delivers software tools that protect personnel, monitor the safety of equipment and ensure that critical processes are conducted securely and efficiently. Across a range of markets, from Aerospace to Defence & Homeland Security and from Manufacturing to Financial services, clients depend on Critical Software to develop solutions that simply must not fail.

As a knowledge-intensive company, Critical’s core competences cover a wide array of expertise - Enterprise Application Integration, Embedded and Real-Time, Command & Control, Security and Infrastructure, Database, High Performing Computing, Verification, Validation & RAMS - that are flexibly used in order to better address customer requirements and engineering solutions for multidisciplinary projects profile.

Critical Software has a considerable experience in project management, design and development of IT solutions in several demanding markets such as Space. Critical is experienced in algorithm optimization and validation, as well as in data processing.

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects DesertWatch Extension : Monitoring Land Degradation Trends
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