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Space Research Centre of the University of Liege

Organisation References
 Name CSL
 Full Name Space Research Centre of the University of Liege
 Country Belgium
 Type of organisation Research Organisation
 Address Centre Spatial de Liège
Université de Liège
Parc Scientifique du Sart-Tilman
Avenue du Pré-Aily
 Web Site
 Organisation Description CSL is a research center of the University of LIEGE with a pay-roll of 100 people, half of them being engineers and scientists.

The activities of CSL are international by nature due to its collaborations with ESA and NASA, with most of the European space industries and laboratories (Astrium GmbH, Astrium Fr., Astrium UK, Alcatel, ...) and to its relations with many large US laboratories (University College Berkeley, Naval Research Lab,...).

Through its space activities, CSL has accumulated high level instrumentation which is regularly set to the disposal of the industry. Autofinanced, the Center has developed a spirit of realism and efficiency which is strongly appreciated by our industrial partners. With Wallonia Space Logistics (WSL), space incubator for young societies, CSL has organised a mechanism of spin-off development for the products issued from the space research.

 Number of Projects 2
 Projects TOPO-INSAR : Quality Assessment of InSAR Topographic Mapping
HUMAN : Medical Humanitarian Disaster Mapping Service
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