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Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

Organisation References
 Name KNMI
 Full Name Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
 Country Netherlands
 Type of organisation Non-profit Organization
 Address Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI)
Postbus 201, 3730 AE De Bilt
Wilhelminalaan 10
 Web Site
 Organisation Description The tasks of KNMI are twofold:
  • KNMI is an operational centre, responsible for weather forecasting, for observing weather and climate, and for the monitoring of seismic activity
  • KNMI is the national research and information centre for climate, climatic change and seismology.

Research at KNMI is, therefore, both applied as well as theoretical:

  • Applied Research: aimed at improving the quality, usefulness and accessibility of meteorological and oceanographical data (observations and model data), in support of operational forecasting and other applications of weather and waves.
  • Climate Research: Research on oceanography; boundary layer processes, clouds and radiation in the atmosphere; the chemical composition of the atmosphere (e.g. ozone); climate variability research; the analysis of climate, climate variability and climatic change, and model support.
  • Policy support to the Dutch Government with respect to climate and climatic change and coordination of the Dutch activities in the field of climate monitoring.
  • Seismology: Research on and monitoring of seismic activity (earth quakes).
 Number of Projects 7
 Projects TEMIS : Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service
GOFAP : GOME Ozone Fast Delivery Value Added Products
GlobEmission :
CONTRAILS : Aircraft Condensation Trails Monitoring
GlobModel : Strengthening the Use of EO in Global Modelling
GlobVolcano : Satellite monitoring in support to early warning of volcanic risks
eSurge : Earth Observation Support to the Storm Surge Community
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