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NEO Netherlands Geomatics & Earth Observation B.V.

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 Name NEO
 Full Name NEO Netherlands Geomatics & Earth Observation B.V.
 Country Netherlands
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Mail address:
Postbus 2176
3800 CD Amersfoort, Netherlands

Visitors address:
Zonnehof 16
3811 ND Amersfoort, Netherlands

 Web Site
 Organisation Description NEO is an innovative independent Dutch company, established in 1996. NEO applies satellite imagery in management of infrastructure and environment, as well as in agriculture and forestry. NEO assists both new and experienced users of remote sensing through the supply of satellite imagery, of software to process images and especially of knowledge: NEO’s most important activity is the interpretation and processing of satellite imagery into useful information. NEO works across the globe, but our innovations are mostly concentrated on service development with the European Union.
 Number of Projects 3
 Projects SCATMALI : Drought Early Warning in MALI
CLIMSCAT : Climate monitoring and carbon flux estimation based on Scatteromete...
KYOTO INVENTORY : Services for the Kyoto Protocol Verification
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