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Resource Analysis N.V.

Organisation References
 Name RA
 Full Name Resource Analysis N.V.
 Country Belgium
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Resource Analysis NV
Wilrijkstraat 37
B-2140 Antwerp
 Web Site
 Organisation Description Resource Analysis, originally founded in 1987 and now part of the Suez Group, is a small research and consulting agency in the field of policy analysis, participatory planning and integrated environmental management.
It supports governmental planners, decision makers and business managers by quantitative and qualitative analyses, and advanced decision making methods and techniques.

The activities focus on strategic analysis and plan making processes in the field of integrated water & environmental management and supportive activities concerning GIS and Remote Sensing, software instrument development, modelling to support analysis and effect measurement, Decision Support Systems (DSS) and simulation tools.

The company operates in the following disciplines:

  • Environment
  • Forest & natural vegetation
  • Land planning & infrastructures
  • Natural hazards & disasters
  • Snow & ice
  •  Number of Projects 2
     Projects SPIHRAL : SPatial Integration of Hydrological Monitoring and Remote Sensing A...
    MARKETBASAR : Market access in Bangladesh for sustainable data services for rice ...
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