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 Country Italy
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Via Tiburtina, 965
00156 Roma
 Web Site
 Organisation Description A leading innovator in the design, planning and management of space systems and in the development of integrated solutions and services, Telespazio offers, both to public agencies and private companies, every kind of satellite applications, ranging from telecommunications, to multimedia, to infomobility and remote sensing.

The Company is dedicated to the convergence between telematics, navigation and mobile communication; it develops integrated satellite navigation services for commercial (fleet management, transport of dangerous goods, emergency services, assisted river navigation) and private use (mobility information, message transmission).

Thanks to qualifications in the entire range of Earth observation related activities, from satellite data acquisition to processing, Telespazio is able to create decision-making support systems based on the integration of the most advanced remote sensing technologies, which respond to all institutional needs (monitoring the environment, territorial planning, land surveys, management of natural risks, scientific research) and commercial requirements (agricultural).

Telespazio is involved in the most important international space projects: from GALILEO, the new European navigation and radiolocalization system, to Cosmos-SkyMed, the first Earth observation satellite system for real time acquisition of images with resolution of 60cm for civil and commercial purposes.

 Number of Projects 4
 Projects DUDES : Digital Elevation Models based on ERS SAR and STRM
ITALSCAR : Regional Burned Forest Mapping in Italy
KYOTO INVENTORY : Services for the Kyoto Protocol Verification
AQUIFER : Aquifer Management Services
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