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 Full Name SARMAP S.A.
 Country Switzerland
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Cascine di Barico
CH-6989 Purasca
 Web Site
 Organisation Description Besides the development and commercialization of SARscape® (a modular set of functions dedicated to the generation of products derived from spaceborne SAR data), sarmap’s main areas of expertise are in the development of new methodologies in the Earth Observation domain and in the generation of comprehensive information derived from airborne and spaceborne instruments integrated with ancillary (socio-economic, meteorological, etc.) data.
 Number of Projects 10
 Projects FOREST MAPPING : Mapping and Monitoring of forested areas
TESEO - DESERTIFICATION : Treaty Enforcement Services Using Earth Observation - Desertificati...
TROPICAL MAPPING : Product Development for mapping and monitoring of Land Cover dynami...
CEREALS : Dedicated Remote Sensing Product generation for the Agro-Industry
ITALSCAR : Regional Burned Forest Mapping in Italy
TISAR : DEM/ORI Production and Service for the ERS SAR and ENVISAT ASAR sys...
FAME : Flood Risk and Damage Assessment using Modelling and Earth Observat...
SLAM 2 : Service for Landslides Monitoring - Integration of Remote Sensing t...
DUDES : Digital Elevation Models based on ERS SAR and STRM
Innovators II - TIMBER : Timber Volume Estimation service in Forestry Plantations by forest ...
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