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University of Firenze, Earth Science Department (DST)

Organisation References
 Full Name University of Firenze, Earth Science Department (DST)
 Country Italy
 Type of organisation Research Organisation
 Address Via La Pira, 4
I-50121 Firenze
 Web Site
 Organisation Description The Earth Sciences Department (Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra - DST) of the Univerity of Florenze is one of the leading academic institution in Italy for research and international relationships in the field of geosciences. The Department has participated in several RTD projects in several areas of the world, with a lengthy tradition of research in the Mediterranean basin, Eastern Africa and Latin America. Many challenging geological issues, such as prediction and mitigation of hazards from landslides, flood, volcanoes and earthquakes, where lives, properties, cultural and environmental heritage are at stake have been faced. The Department has also a firm reputation for its practical, problem solving approach to the geoscienes and this has led to the establishment of solid ties with numerous govermental agencies and private companies.
 Number of Projects 1
 Projects SLAM : Service for Landslide Monitoring
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