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 Full Name SPACEBEL S.A.
 Country Belgium
 Type of organisation Company
 Address I. Vandammestraat 5-7
B-1560 Hoeilaart
 Web Site
 Organisation Description Initially dedicated to the development of software systems for space applications, SPACEBEL has contributed to most of the major space programs of the last decade, such as the ARIANE launch vehicle, HERMES shuttle, Columbus Space Station, SPOT satellite. The experience gained by SPACEBEL in this high tech space sector has opened new markets where quality, reliability and long-life products are required: - healthcare; - environment; - telecommunications
 Number of Projects 4
 Projects MASMOV : Mass Movement Study - Feasibility Study on Italian Landslide Risk M...
SLAM 1 : Service of Landslides Monitoring
SLAM : Service for Landslide Monitoring
GlobCover : Global Land Cover Service
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