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 Full Name DATASPAZIO S.p.A.
 Country Italy
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Via Stanislao Cannizzaro 71
I-00156 ROMA
 Web Site
 Organisation Description Dataspazio was established in November 1988 by Telespazio and Datamat in order to merge the existing capabilities of the two companies to the design and development of systems and software for space applications.

This joint venture is aimed at the development of satellite control centres, real-time data processing systems, satellite and training simulators, and mission specific engineering software, based on the large Telespazio experience in space operations and services and the proven Datamat capability in system integration and software development.

Dataspazio is an ISO 9001 certified Company, for the design, realization, installation and servicing of SW information systems for data management and real time applications.

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects KYOTO INVENTORY : Services for the Kyoto Protocol Verification
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