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Tele-Rilevamento Europa - T.R.E. s.r.l.

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 Name TRE
 Full Name Tele-Rilevamento Europa - T.R.E. s.r.l.
 Country Italy
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Via Vittoria Colonna, 7
(MM1 Buonarroti)
20149 Milano

Registred Office
c/o Politecnico di Milano
Department of Electronics and Information Leonardo da Vinci, 32
I_20133 Milano

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 Organisation Description Tele-Rilevamento Europa is the first commercial spin-off company of the Politecnico of Milano, the only world-wide exclusive licensee of the Permanent Scatterers Technique, a unique tool that can measure the deformation of the surface of the Earth to an accuracy of millimetres.

TRE activity is the natural industrial outlet of a long course of study and research in the field of radar remote sensing.

TRE biggest asset is a team of engineers with a vast technical expertise in radar remote sensing. The constant link with the University provides continuous updates and improvements of the algorithms.

TRE invests significant resources in research and development, performing algorithms, creating new products and services, and reducing the cost and the time needed to access to the requested information.

The PS technique goes over the limits of radar satellite applications because it allows locating ground radar benchmarks (PS) which it is possible to estimate for:

  1. their motion speed (with an accuracy between 0.1 and 1 millimetre for year) along the sensor-target direction (LOS-Line of Sight);
  2. the entire historical deformation series since 1992 (the precision is that of 1-2 millimetres for each single measure).

The PS are a sort of “natural geodesic network” for the analysis of superficial deformation of the earth. It is a monitoring system that does not know equals for its accuracy, for the spatial density of its points of measure and for its economical competitiveness. It is particularly useful for the study of phenomena such as: urban subsidence and deformation along seismical faults, in areas with an extension of hundreds or thousands of squared kilometres.

 Number of Projects 6
 Projects PERSIA : Precise Land Surface Stability Monitoring using Permanent Point Sca...
MASMOV : Mass Movement Study - Feasibility Study on Italian Landslide Risk M...
SLAM 1 : Service of Landslides Monitoring
CECINA : Water Framework Directive short term action
SLAM : Service for Landslide Monitoring
GlobVolcano : Satellite monitoring in support to early warning of volcanic risks
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