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The Data User Element Invitations to Tender planned for 2013 under EOEP-4 are summarised below.   Companies, research organisations and universities from ESA Member States that subscribe to the EOEP-4 Programme of the European Space Agency will be invited to bid in response to these Calls for Proposals.



Funding: Large project

The European Space Agency (ESA) is seeking to promote a wider use of ocean surface current measurements derived from all existing remote sensing sources including altimeters (ERS, ENVISAT and others), and SAR (ERS, ENVISAT and others), but also optical measurements (ENVISAT and others), sea surface temperature and salinity (SMOS and others) with future instruments including ESA Sentinels.  GlobCurrent will demonstrate the feasibility of a unified service for ocean surface currents linked to external user applications. A user consultation meeting was held at Ifremer, France on 7-9 March 2012, and subsequently users provided statements of their requirements which will define the focus fo the project (see


Funding: Large project

 The Sen2-Agriculture project aims at providing to the international user community validated algorithms and best practices to produce EO products for agriculture monitoring preparing for the exploitation of Sentinel2
observations. Sen2-Agriculture main activities will focus on user driven development of agricultural EO products, benchmarking and validating required algorithms and demonstration of resulting Sentinel-2 EO products and services
to the users. Special attention will be given to the unprecedented temporal revisit frequency, the additional spectral bands and the 290 km swath at 10-20 meter resolution of the Sentinel-2 mission. 




Funding: Large project

The GlobTemperature project will be focussed on improving the uptake of global-scale satellite land surface temperature information by the broad research and operational user communities.  The project scope will be defined based on user requirements collected following the GlobTemperature User Consultation meeting held in Edinburgh on 27-28 June 2012 (see   Activities under the GlobTemperature project could include:  user driven LST product development and processing, validation, intercomparison and quality assessment, in-situ - model - satellite data merging, construction of an LST information portal, etc.  



Funding: Large project

 The GlobBiomass project aims to provide a better characteristic of the distribution and changes, 
and an improved quantification of regional and global biomass. This will help in reducing uncertainties 
in calculations of carbon stocks and fluxes in the terrestrial biosphere. User communities expressed 
their interest during the User Consultation Meeting in Jena, 9-11 October 2012. 

GlobBiomass User Consultation Meeting



Funding: Ten small projects

 The DUE Innovators ITT will result in up to ten small projects, each demonstrating an innovative EO-based information service to one or more end-users.


All ITTs will be published on the ESA "EMITS" web site:

EMITS: Electronic Mail Invitation to Tender System


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