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The DUE Invitations to Tender for 2014 are summarised below.   

Companies, research organisations and universities from ESA Member States that subscribe to the 4th Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP-4) of the European Space Agency are invited to bid in response to these DUE Calls for Proposals.


Innovators-III (OPEN)

The Innovators-III ITT calls for small pioneering projects to develop innovative EO products and services in response to authoritative requirements from end-user organisations. The intention is to fund up to 12 Innovator III projects, of maximum 2-year duration, and of value up to 200 KEUR each (total budget 2,4 MEUR).

The Call is open to all domains of EO applications and covers all fields of the Earth atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and land surfaces. As first but not exclusive priority, the Innovator III projects shall respond to the R&D agenda of major international initiatives such as the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), and perform the necessary R&D preparatory activities for large scale exploitation of the most innovative aspects of Sentinels 1 and 2.

The Innovator III projects are required to be set up as User Laboratories that prepare the ground for a long-term exploitation by large user communities, and are expected to provide on the medium term substantial and concrete benefits to the targeted user communities. At least one end-user entity shall be actively involved in each Innovator III project and shall be responsible for providing the detailed service and product requirements, as well as support the interpretation and validation of the EO products, and assess the adequacy of and benefits of the service.

Innovators III will contribute to the work program of the 5th EOEP that is due to start in 2017. It is expected that a number of innovator III projects will later be brought forward into large-scale DUE projects under EOEP-5.

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Open date:                 14 May 2014
Closing date:             29 August 2014
Budget:                       2,400,000 EUR (max 200,000 EUR each)


GlobBiomass (OPEN)


Estimates of biomass on a global scale constitute an important input to global climate models. The GlobBiomass project intents to better characterise the distribution and changes in global and regional biomass with the ultimate objective to reduce uncertainties in the calculations of carbon stocks and fluxes in the terrestrial biosphere. The goal is to improve and combine existing regional and global estimates using today's available Earth observation and in-situ data combined with models to reduce the overall error margin.

The GlobBiomass will also improve the uptake of satellite-derived biomass data by the scientific and operational user community, like climate modeling but also forest inventory and monitoring, forest protection, forest certification, and forest industry and silviculture.

A preparatory User Consultation Meeting ( was held in Jena at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biogeochemestry in October 2012 to survey users' requirements for global and regional biomass information, exploring the feasibility of today's available satellite data and techniques, identifying information gaps and setting a list of priority requirements.  

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Open date:       15 May 2014
Closing date:      4 July 2014
Budget:                      1,500,000 EUR                                           


GlobWetland Africa (PLANNED)

GlobWetland Africa is a large EO application project that will aim at facilitating the exploitation of satellite observations to support effective management of wetlands and wise use of associated resources in Africa.

The principal objective of the project will be to help African stakeholders (i.e. Ramsar Contracting Parties, Ramsar regional networks and African river basin authorities, etc.) and international/regional conservation agencies active in Africa to better assess the conditions of the wetlands under their areas of jurisdiction/study, and better monitor their trends over time.

The sustainability of the approach will be pursued through the development of an end-to-end software toolbox that will be delivered to the partner organisations, at no cost, with training courses and education toolkits.

The ultimate goal is that the tools, methods and products that will be developed during the GlobWetland Africa project will constitute essential building blocks for the future establishment of national and regional wetland observatories in Africa.

The project will make an extensive use of satellite data from the Sentinels 1, 2 and 3.  It is expected that European Copernicus initiative and its Sentinel missions will open a new era for the systematic mapping, assessment and monitoring of wetlands and the GlobWetland Africa will largely benefit from these continuous observations.


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Open date:       2014 Q3 / 2014 Q4
Closing date:      2014 Q4 / 2015 Q1
Budget:                      1,500,000 EUR                                           


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