GlobCurrent user Consultation

A User Consultation Meeting (UCM) will be held at Ifremer, France the week of 5 to 9 March 2012 to discuss a potential ESA DUE project dedicated to Ocean Currents. 

The objective of the UCM is to evaluate requirements coming from invited scientific, institutional and operational users communities for high resolution oceanic currents from satellite data.

During the meeting scientists will present the state of the art algorithms to derive surface current from Altimetry, thermal and ocean colour optical signatures andusing doppler radar wind or salinity signatures.

The UCM will allow the Agency to evaluate work necessary to improve the existing algorithms, prototype and implement them into demonstration products leading to demonstration services. For example, new synergetic interpretation of upper layer dynamics from 2D expression of surface features in satellite images will be discussed. 

A preliminary Draft of the User Requirement Document (URD) will be presented and developed at the meeting based on presented user requirements and the overall outcomes of the UCM. The URD will then form the basis for a further invitation to tender that the Agency intends to issue within EOEP-4 programmatic framework in 2013.

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