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Agriculture test sites

In response to growing pressure on the world food supply an increasing demand exists for agricultural monitoring providing intelligence for international and national policy making, reporting or managing food emergencies.
Earth Observation can contribute to agricultural monitoring as a proven source for transparent, timely and consistent information on the agricultural productivity at global and regional scale.

The up-coming Sentinel-2 mission will significantly increase the EO capacity for agricultural monitoring in terms of resolution, revisit frequency and coverage.

Country Kml files
Argentina (JECAM site)

RapidEye_S2T5_Argentina footprint

Landsat-8 (Path:226 - Row:84)

Belgium (JECAM site) RapidEye_S2T5_Belgium footprint

Landsat-8 (Path:198 - Row:25)

Shandong (China) (JECAM site) RapidEye_S2T5_Shandong footprint

Landsat-8 (Path:123 - Row:34)

Paraguay (JECAM site) RapidEye_S2T5_Paraguay footprint

Landsat-8 (Path:224 - Row:76/77)

South Africa (JECAM site) RapidEye_S2T5_South Africa footprint

Landsat-8 (Path:171 - Row:79/80)

Ukraine (JECAM site) RapidEye_S2T5_Ukraine footprint

Landsat-8 (Path:181/182 - Row:25)

Ethiopia RapidEye_S2T5_Ethiopia footprint

Landsat-8 (Path:169 - Row:54)

Morocco RapidEye_S2T5_Morocco footprint

Landsat-8 (Path:202 - Row:37)