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Announcement of the 1st DUP-2 Call For Proposals now on EMITS
The first Call For Proposals of the DUP-2, has been published on the ESA Electronic Invitation to Tender System (EMITS) as an Intented Invitation To Tender, reference 01.1AE.05.
The Call is expected to be open for competitive tender in the second quarter of Year 2001.

All companies from the DUP participating countries (Belgium, Italy, Netherland and Switzerlands) are kindly requested to access the intended tender documentation and to express interest in this IITT.

Potential Bidders are encouraged to express interest well in advance since this will allow ESA to keep them informed of any development that could take place in the preparation of the procurement process and will allow other companies to take their interest into consideration when establishing the strategy to reply to the an Invitation to Tender.

The desription of this procurement is provided for information here after:

The scope of this call is to define large scale products and services for end users identified at programme level and to develop small services at the initiative of the bidders with end users committed resources.

The first part of this call covers definition studies for the following priority information services, for targeted end-user communities:

  • Rapid mapping Service after major disasters;
  • Digital Elevation Model of Italy using ERS SAR and SRTM data;
  • Troposphere emissions;
  • Global forest carbon estimates;
  • Landslide monitoring.
Preliminary, high-level service requirements for the above topics will be included in the invitation to tender. The Agency anticipates that the budget related to each activity shall be 50 to 150 KEURO with a duration from 3 to 9 months depending on the maturity of the application. The deliverables will include all documents, software and data necessary to proceed after issuing ITT with implementation of an operational service, with a committed user organisation, in a subsequent call. A list of second priority (in case the first priority services are filled) will also be given. The intention is to start around 10 definition studies possibly two in parrallell on each of the priority services.

The second part concerns small scale services, comparable in scale to DUP1 projects. The cost of any small scale project shall not exceed 250 KEURO. For these projects the specific information services are to be identified, the corresponding end-users are to be engaged and the service requirements are to be specified in advance at the initiative of the industry. The intention is to start aound 2-3 small scale service implementation projects.

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