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Results of the DUP-2 briefing to the Industry
The ESA Executive together with the delegations from the DUP participating countries have presented to the potential bidders the work plan for the DUP phase 2.
In prepartion of the DUP-2 Call For Proposals, some briefing sessions to the industry and research institutions of the DUP participating countries have been held in co-operation with the DUP participant delegations:
  • Jan 10: DUP Briefing to the Swiss Industry in Zurich (CH)
  • Jan 18: DUP Briefing to the Italian Industry in ESRIN (IT)
  • Feb 7: DUP Briefing to the Belgian and Dutch Industries in Antwerp (B)
The Briefing sessions have attracted considerable interest from all potential actors of the DUP-2. These briefings also gave a complete visibility on the programmatic objectives of the second phase of the DUP programme as well as on the planned sequence of ITTs that ESA intends to issue in the next three years.

Copies of the power point presentations on DUP-1 achievements and on DUP-2 propects are available in PDF format in the DUP material section.

During these briefing sessions, all DUP actors have been requested to fill in a questionaire and to provide contact points. This information is available on the DUP Portal in the Company section and should help the DUP industry to team in a more efficient way.

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