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Announcement of the 2008 DUE ITTs is now on EMITS

The 2008 Calls For Proposals on the DUE have been announced on the ESA Electronic Invitation to Tender System (EMITS).

The Calls are open to competitive tender. The subject procurements will take place in the framework of the Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP), an optional programme of the European Space Agency.

All companies from the EOEP participating countries (A, B, DK, FIN, F, D, I, NL, N, E, S, CH, UK, CDN) interested in this procurement are kindly requested to access the intended tender documentation and to express interest in this ITT.

Potential Bidders are encouraged to express interest well in advance since this will allow ESA to keep them informed of any development that could take place in the preparation of the procurement process and will allow other companies to take their interest into consideration when establishing the strategy to reply to the Invitations to Tender.

These Invitations to Tender on the Data User Element (DUE) will call for the development of the following DUE projects:

  • AO 5684 (08.187.06) GlobSnow (more information available here)
  • AO5780 (08.187.11) : SAVAA (more information available here)
  • AOXXX (XXXXX): GlobWave (more information available here)
  • AOXXX (XXXXX): UHI (more information available here)

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