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GlobAlbedo - Announcement of ITT
Land surface albedo determines the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the Earth's surface, and due to the heterogeneity of land cover, is one of the major uncertainties in modelling the surface energy budget.

Satellite observations are the only practical means to measure albedo globally, and to help reduce these uncertainties.  In preparation of the GlobAlbedo project, user requirements have been collected covering applications in meteorological and climate research, and in dynamic vegetation modelling (see  The objective of the project is to support the users' requirements for a long time series of global land surface albedo by performing the following activities: 

  1. Developing and delivering a multi-annual global albedo data set that has the potential to be sustained into the future using data from operational European satellites, such as the GMES Sentinels. 
  2. Validating and intercomparing the albedo product against ground based, airborne and other satellite based measurements. 
  3. Providing the global user community with free access to the albedo products. 
  4. Demonstrating the utility of the albedo product by performing a scientific study exploiting the data set produced.

Budget:1 MEUR

Call:Open from 9 April 2009 to 3 June 2009

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