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Announcement of the 3rd DUP-2 Call For Proposals now on EMITS
The 3rd Call For Proposals of the second phase of the Data User Programme (DUP-2) has been announced on the ESA Electronic Invitation to Tender System (EMITS) as an Intented Invitation To Tender (IITT), reference 02.1AE.13.
The Call is expected to be open to competitive tender in the first week of November 2002.

This 3rd Invitation to Tender on the Data User Programme (DUP) Phase II will call for the development of two demonstration projects:

  • SLAM (Service for Landslide Monitoring) for major Italian and Swiss Institutional Users.
  • BeGO (Gorilla Natural Habitat Monitoring Service) in support to the UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention.


The objective of the SLAM procurement is to develop an end-to-end service chain for the provision of Slope Instability products, derived from Earth Observation (EO) satellite imagery data, that will support the work of end-user governmental organisations in their institutional mandate of risk forecasting and prevention, and in particular for their activities related to landslide inventory mapping, landslide hazard mapping, landslide activity mapping and monitoring of large mass movement.

Three SLAM products and services will be required to be developed and demonstrated during the project:

 (1) Landslide Motion survey,

 (2) Landslide Displacement Monitoring and

 (3) Landslide Susceptibility Mapping.

The development of the SLAM service chain shall be supported by a solid and scientifically sound technical dossier on representative Service Cases and shall include a full product validation and qualification, and a service quality and sustainability assessment.

Some public organisations (Italian National Basin Authorities and Swiss Cantons) will participate to the project as end-users with resources and will provide access to ancillary and validation data. These end-user organisations have expressed their needs in User Requirement sheets that will contain the technical requirements to be fulfilled and that will specify the Service Cases on which the products are to be produced, validated and qualified, and for which a service quality assessment is to be conducted.

The SLAM project will build upon the findings of the SLAM definition projects that have been funded with the first DUP-2 Call for Proposals. Results of the Definition Projects were presented during the SLAM workshop that took place at ESRIN premises on 1st October 2002.


The BeGO project aims at developing user-oriented information products, based on EO technology, to support the implementation of the World Heritage Convention. One of the basic tools for any effective conservation activity is adequate maps of the area under conservation. The situation in Central Africa is such that accurate maps are not available. There are in addition several Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) assisting the local government in conservation activities. There is therefore a need to coordinate all currently existing efforts and to produce base maps that can be used by the local government and the whole conservation community to secure the conservation of these invaluable World Heritage sites. In particular the project focuses on the development of base maps to support the work of the different national and international organisations involved in the conservation and monitoring of gorillas. These base maps will be used by UNESCO to promote the creation of local GIS systems to support conservation efforts.


All companies from the DUP participating countries (Belgium, Italy, Netherland and Switzerlands) interested in this procurement are kindly requested to access the intended tender documentation and to express interest in this IITT.

Potential Bidders are encouraged to express interest well in advance since this will allow ESA to keep them informed of any development that could take place in the preparation of the procurement process and will allow other companies to take their interest into consideration when establishing the strategy to reply to the an Invitation to Tender.

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