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HUMAN: Humanitarian relief organisations use geo-information to aid crisis intervention
The company Keyobs is now developing a mapping service for Médecins Sans Frontières - Belgium (MSF). This service called HUMAN will satisfy the operational needs of the organisation in time of humanitarian crisis.

HUMAN covers the whole range of activities from the logistical mapping to the mapping of refugee camps and epidemiological emergencies. The service has been set up to respond to the requirement for geo-spatial information in critical response times in relation to three stages of intervention. These are:

  • Emergency
  • Management
  • Rehabilitation

Several products have been realised during the Afghanistan crisis, Ituri, Democratic Republic Congo (Refugee crisis), Monrovia, Liberia (civil war) and Rwanda. The maps are a compilation of EO-derived information layers (roads, rivers etc.), archive map information (digital and paper) and field information (borders status, locations of MSF and ICRC field centres, travel times etc). The expertise developed by Keyobs during the DUP project has already interested other relief organisations. The International Committee of the Red Cross has asked for the realisation of maps on Iraq and the cities of Baghdad and Basra.

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