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TEMIS: Operational Ozone forecasting service
The TEMIS consortium has developed a fully operational Ozone forecasting service by using assimilation techniques which combine a model with ENVISAT-SCIAMACHY measurements.
This provides a reliable possibility to look into the future on global ozone distribution, more than one week ahead.
The data can be used to provide the erythemal UV index, valid for clear-sky conditions at local solar noon, for today and the next few days.

Most UV forecasting services in Europe are currently still based on pure modelling.
Instead, since TEMIS is using actual satellite ozone measurements, UV parameters of improved quality can be provided to selected users like the British Antarctic Survey.

The possibility to monitor Air Pollution from Space is being currently demonstrated within the TEMIS project using the unique measurement capabilities of the SCIAMACHY instrument.
Beside ozone, other trace gases like nitrogen dioxide or sulphur dioxide can be retrieved and it is feasible to locate industrial and natural emission sources as well as the movement of air pollution plumes from Space. These new data sets are provided to national Environmental Monitoring Agencies in Italy, Switzerland, and The Netherlands, who are monitoring air pollution levels within their countries and are trying to assess where the air pollution is coming from (trans-boundary movement of air pollution).

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