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National Capital Commission
Ministry or Agency
The NCC is a Crown corporation with a unique mission and mandate — to create and use the Capital Region as a source of pride for Canadians.

Crown Corporation Status "Crown corporation" is a legal definition that allows the NCC to function at arm’s length from the central government. Like all Crown corporations, the NCC occupies a kind of middle ground between the flexibility of private enterprise and the more structured environment of government departments.

Shared Jurisdiction Working in the Capital Region, the NCC shares responsibility for planning and programming with other levels of government (provincial and municipal). A major challenge is to make sure that there is an effective partnership among these governments and that plans and activities harmonize to the mutual benefit of all.

Checks and Balances The NCC operates much like a business, but its actions are dictated in all cases by public policy purpose, as defined in the mission and mandate.

Like any Crown corporation, the NCC is accountable to Parliament, as set out in Part X of the federal Financial Administration Act. Every year, it prepares certain corporate documents (specifically a corporate plan and an annual report), which are submitted to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage.