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Urban Heat Island and Urban Thermography

Integration of satellite TIR observations into urban meteorological and climate modelling to help decision makers in better preventing the impact of Urban Heat Islands during heat waves and in reducing the risk.

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 Name UHI
 Title Urban Heat Island and Urban Thermography
 Programme DUE (Data User Element)
 Theme Land
 Cost €1,135k
 Type Service Demonstration
 Status Completed (KO 31/10/2008 - 01/09/2011)
ERS-2 : ATSR-2
Landsat 4/5 : TM
Landsat 7 : ETM
Project Description
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Densely built cities with a low percentage of green areas are sensitive to heat waves due to air temperatures in the core of the city significantly higher than in the surrounding rural areas. When these high temperatures coincide with low wind speeds and high humidity, the population might be put under thermal stress with dramatic consequences. The metropolitan areas that are the most prone to heat waves are called Urban Heat Islands (UHI).

The project "Urban Heat Islands and Urban Thermography" aims principally at defining, designing, developing, verifying, validating and demonstrating a set of services that integrate satellite observations with ground weather stations into urban meteorological and climate models for a better prevention of UHI impacts during summer heat waves, a reduction of the heat wave risk in metropolitan areas, and a better implementation of energy efficiency policies in European cities.

The project has a threefold objective:

  • Firstly, the assimilation of satellite Remote Sensing observations (principally but not only Thermal Infrared bands) with urban ground stations (Temperature, Relative Humidity and Wind Speed) into urban meteorological and climate modelling to help the mitigation of UHI impact (through appropriate alert system) and to reduce the risk (through dedicated urban land planning).
  • Secondly, the study of the energy balance of the cities for a better response to the urban energy efficiency policies.
  • Thirdly, the study of a dedicated TIR satellite mission with high spatial resolution and revisiting time for a more adequate provision of Land Surface Temperature (LST) retrievals in the metropolitan areas of European cities.

The ultimate objective of the project is, through a better understanding of the conditioning factors that drive urban climates, to be in a position to predict and mitigate the spatial and temporal variability of Urban Heat Islands in metropolitan areas and their effect on the local population most at risk.

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Final Report
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Project Consortium
 Subcontractors EDISOFT : EDISOFT S.A.
INDRA : Indra Espacio S.A
NOA ISRA : National Observatory of Athens, Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing
VITO : Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) - Remote Sensing and Earth Observation Processes (TAP)
User Partnership
 Users Agency of Urban Ecology : Agency of Urban Ecology
E-Nova : Lisbon Municipality Energy and Environment Agency
ERT-3 : Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, 3rd channel
Greater London Authority : Department for Climate Change Adaptation
Greek Civil Protection : Hellenic General Secretariat for Civil Protection
Greek MetOffice : Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Greece
IBGE-BIM : Region of Brussels, Brussels Institute for the management of the Environment
INSA-DEP/ONSA : Portuguese National Health Institute, Department of Epidemiology
Municipality of Amaroussion : (Maroussi, district of the Great Athens),
Municipality of Athens : Department of Urban Design and Environment
Municipality of Bari : Bari Department of Civil Protection
Municipality of Budapest : Municipality of Budapest
Municipality of Lisbon : Municipality of Lisbon
Municipality of Madrid : Municipality of Madrid
Municipality of Paris : Municipality of Paris
Municipality of Seville : Municipality of Seville
Municipality of Thessaloniki : Municipality of Thessaloniki
SEVILLA GLOBAL : Urban Agency for Economic Development
Contact Points
 Project Manager Paolo Manunta
Planetek Italia s.r.l.
Via Massaua, 12
I-70123 Bari
Tel: +39 080-534.3750
Fax: +39 080-534.0280
 Technical Officer Marc Paganini
European Space Agency - ESRIN D/EOP-SEP
Via Galileo Galilei
I-00046 Frascati (RM)

Tel: +39 06-941.80563
Fax: +39 06-941.80552

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