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GlobEmission is a two-year project which started at October 2011. It consists of a consortium by KNMI (The Netherlands), BIRA-IASB (Belgium), FMI (Finland), TNO (The Netherlands), and VITO (Belgium).

Project References
 Name GlobEmission
 Programme DUE (Data User Element)
 Cost €500k
 Type Feasibility Study
 Status In progress (11/10/2011)
Project Description
 Web site
 Objectives Within the GlobEmission project (part of Data User Element programme of ESA) top-down emission estimates will be developed from satellite observations of air constituents. The main advantage of these emission estimates are the spatial consistency, high temporal resolution and the rapid availability of these estimates to the user. Based on the requirements of 5 dedicated users 4 services will be developed. These services are: • Global biogenic emissions • Regional emissions of NOx and SO2 (China, South Africa, India) • European emission estimates of NOx, SO2 and CO • Aerosol-related emissions
 Results Progress Report Dec. 2011 - Jan. 2012
Project Consortium
 Prime contractor KNMI : Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
 Subcontractors BIRA-IASB : Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
FMI : Finnish Meteorological Institute
TNO : Dutch organisation for applied scientific research
VITO : Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek
User Partnership
 Users EEA : European Environment Agency
Environmental Satellite Centre : Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
IITM : Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
MPI-Met : Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
NIES : National Institute for Environmental Studies
SAWS : South African Weather Service
University of Edinburgh : University of Edinburgh
VU University Amsterdam : Vrije Universiteit
Contact Points
 Project Manager
 Technical Officer Claus Zehner
European Space Agency - ESRIN D/EOP-SEU
Via Galileo Galilei CP. 64
I-00044 Frascati
Tel: +39 06-941.80544
Fax: +39 06-941.80552
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