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Yukon Geological Survey

Organisation References
 Name YGS
 Full Name Yukon Geological Survey
 Country Canada
 Type of organisation Research Organisation
 Address (for Regional Mapping and GIS Unit)
Box 2703 (K-10)
2099 2nd Avenue
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Y1A 2C6
 Web Site
 Organisation Description The mandate of the YGS is to be the authority and provider of choice for the geoscience and related technical information required to enable stewardship and sustainable development of the Yukon Territory’s energy, mineral, and land resources. Research activities include permafrost and landslide studies, surficial geology and biophysical mapping, bedrock mapping projects, mineral deposit studies, placer deposit studies, mineral assessments, and geochemical, geophysical and environmental studies.
The YGS is assisted by other government agencies, including the Geological Survey of Canada, Canadian universities and industry partners.
 Number of Projects 1
 Projects Innovators I - Permafrost : Innovators I User Partnership: Satellite M...

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