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York Timber

York Timber Organisation Ltd

Organisation References
 Name York Timber
 Full Name York Timber Organisation Ltd
 Country South Africa
 Type of organisation Company
 Address Old Lydenburg Road,
Sabie, 1260 Mpumalanga,
South Africa
 Web Site
 Organisation Description York Timber Organisation Limited ("York") is a forest products enterprise based in Eastern South

Africa a subsidiary of the York Timber Organisation Limited. York Timbers owns and leases about 86,900 hectares of land, of which 57,400 hectares are used for FSC certified plantations and 29,500 hectares are reserved for conservation, streams, heritage sites, roads and access routes. Of the 57,400 hectares, 53,100 hectares are softwoods (approximately 63% Pinus patula, 27% Pinus elliottii, 9% Pinus taeda, and 1% other) and the balance is primarily Eucalyptus nitens and Eucalyptus fastigata. The plantations have been managed in 22-28 year rotations for over 50 years, and the silvicultural and pruning regimes have resulted in a high percentage of clear wood and Mean Annual Increments of approximately 16 cubic meters per hectare per year.

York Timbers has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification from SGS Qualifor for all of its plantations and chain-of-custody certification for all of its processing operations.

York runs 8 sawmills, located in Sabie, Graskop, Jessievale, White River, Amsterdam, Lothair & Acornhoek. They also have a plywood plant in Sabie.

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects Innovators II - TIMBER : Timber Volume Estimation service in Forest...

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