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Ifremer ERT/HO

Ifremer ERT/HO

Organisation References
 Name Ifremer ERT/HO
 Full Name Ifremer ERT/HO
 Country France
 Type of organisation Research Organisation
 Address IFREMER - Hydrodynamics and Metocean,
29280 Plouzane,
 Web Site
 Organisation Description

The Hydrodynamics laboratory of Boulogne-sur-mer and Brest is managed by the Technological Test and Research department (ERT/HO). It leads researches on submarine devices and new offshore concepts. For that purpose, experimental and numerical facilities are used to give hydrodynamics expertise. The Boulogne-sur-Mer unit is in charge of a free surface hydrodynamic water tunnel.

Measuring techniques specific to the hydrodynamics are regularly developed and implemented. Tests are carried out for French or foreign partners, for development and research projects or for assistance in confidential matter.

The user requirements of IFREMER ERT/HO within the GlobWave project are:

  • Integration, harmonisation and cataloguing of existing data streams
  • Web portal, data archive and software tools
  • Directional spectra, advanced wave products such as full parametric description of multi-modal spectra.
  • Documented and cross-validated muti-source colocated databases
  • Definition and standardisation of sea-states parameters


 Number of Projects 1
 Projects GlobWave : Improving the uptake of satellite-derived ...

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