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Organisation References
 Full Name ACRI-IN
 Country France
 Type of organisation Research Organisation
 Address ACRI-IN
260 Route du Pin Montard,
BP 234
06904 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
 Organisation Description

Our experience in the field of coastal engineering allows us to deal with very varied demands concerning littoral studies, coastal structures and their interactions with marine medium.

These are the main theme of coastal engineering studies :

  • Port agitation studies
  • Marine works dimensionning (dikes, caissons, breakwaters, outlets)
  • Coastal arrangement (artificial beaches)
  • Sea structures behaviour (mooring, breakwaters, wave attenuators)
  • Water quality studies


ACRI - IN owns a large variety of means to realise these studies, as for example :

  • A coastal agitation simulator SIMAC : SIMAC
  • A water quality computation code, TIDAL : TIDAL
  • A general computationnal fluid dynamics code, ANSWER : ANSWER
  • A porous media CFD code, PORFLOW : PORFLOW The hydrodynamics laboratory and the wave flume


The user requirements of ACRI-In in the GlobWave project are:
Coastal engineering.
- historical coastal wave climates over last 20-30 years.


 Number of Projects 1
 Projects GlobWave : Improving the uptake of satellite-derived ...

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