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Municipality of Lisbon

Municipality of Lisbon

Organisation References
 Name Municipality of Lisbon
 Full Name Municipality of Lisbon
 Country Portugal
 Type of organisation Ministry or Agency
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 Organisation Description

In the organisational structure of the Municipality of Lisbon, the Civil Protection Department (CPD) is responsible for the following areas:

  • risk analysis (identification, analysis and assessment of risk situations);
  • emergency planning;
  • public information on civil protection;
  • civil protection training.

In the organizational structure of the Municipality of Lisbon, the Department of Geographic Information and Cadastre (DIGC) is responsible for the following areas:

  • to assure the urban development within the strategic model defined for the city, and in a dynamic, integrated and sustainable way;
  • to develop a geographic information system on the city and surrounding area in order to assure up-to-date data for the decisions and interventions of municipal administrations;
  • to assure the integration and articulation of Lisbon geographic data into the National Geographic Information System.

The metropolitan area of Lisbon covers 2,960 km2 and has about 2,7 million inhabitants.

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects UHI : Urban Heat Island and Urban Thermography

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