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Municipality of Thessaloniki

Municipality of Thessaloniki

Organisation References
 Name Municipality of Thessaloniki
 Full Name Municipality of Thessaloniki
 Country Greece
 Type of organisation Ministry or Agency
 Web Site
 Organisation Description

The Municipal Department of Environment operates a network of 8 monitoring stations that measure various atmospheric pollutants and meteorological parameters. Twice a day, the department issues air quality and meteorological conditions bulletin. During summer time discomfort index calculations are available on demand.

The City of Thessaloniki is located at the coastal area of the Thermaikos Gulf in the Region of Macedonia. The Greater Thessaloniki (about 200 km2) area includes 14 municipalities. The geographic area of the Thessaloniki municipality is 17.8 km2.

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects UHI : Urban Heat Island and Urban Thermography

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