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Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection Directorate

Organisation References
 Name MoEnv
 Full Name Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection Directorate
 Country Jordan
 Type of organisation Ministry or Agency
 Address Minister of Environment
PO Box 1408
Auhud Street
Amman 11941
 Web Site
 Organisation Description

The Ministry for Environment (MEnv) is the main governmental body concerned with the development and implementation of environmental policy in Jordan.

MoEnv was established in the year 2003 and functions within the mandate of Environmental Protection Law No: 1/2003. The Ministry’s responsibilities include developing government guidelines and policies concerning the environment, and then managing and coordinating their implementation and enforcement.

MoEnv is responsible for the coordination of Biodiversity protection activities through its Nature Protection Directorate.

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects GlobWetland II : A regional pilot project of the Ramsar Con...

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