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National Agency of Environment Protection

Organisation References
 Name ANPE
 Full Name National Agency of Environment Protection
 Country Tunisia
 Type of organisation Ministry or Agency
 Address Agence Nationale de Protection de l'Environnement - ANPE
Centre Urbain Nord
15 rue 7051 cité Essalem
2080 Ariana
 Web Site
 Organisation Description

The "Agence Nationale de Protection de l'Environnement"  (ANPE) is part of the ministry of environment and sustainable development from the republic of Tunisia.

The Tunisian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MESD) is responsible for implementing the policy of the Tunisian government on environmental protection and the rationalization of exploitations of natural resources. MESD aims, through the programs it develops to protect human health, biodiversity, fight against pollution and to support various economic sectors.

The National Agency of Environmental Protection (ANPE) manages MESD programs in the fight against pollution by regulating economic activities and their discharges and ensures compliance with environmental regulations.

 Number of Projects 1
 Projects GlobWetland II : A regional pilot project of the Ramsar Con...

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